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SuperNovaTube -Best site to upload videos to


Since the fall of the once great megavideo.. we uploaders needed a good place to watch our videos online and the best thing avialable at the moment is undoubtedtly SuperNovaTube, as it stands it is not the best site in the world in regards to looks and functionality but its ease to use and lack of video removals make it the best thing since sliced bread as far as internet uploading sites go.

At times the site will have Divx format videos for you to watch which can sometimes be a bad thing due to some sites not properly configuring the script and ending up showing a “this is not a divx file” message box. Though Super Nova Tube will usually always have their divx files in order unless they have been removed from the site in which case you will still get the error message that one would normaly get every time they try to open a divx file on other sites

Quick tip
Instead of using the ordinary play button on a Divx video, use the X icon in the right hand corner of the video as this will play the video more often than hitting the standard play button on the screen.