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The Best Tv Show Site –


This is probably one of my favourite sites online as they always have the latest episodes of every Tv show as soon as they are aired. is abosulutely brilliant! The forum is great and it has a lot of dedicated link hunters that upload links to the site with ferocity not just because they show a top ten link hunters list on the home page but because they beleive in free media, something we should all respect.

The site itself is brilliantly laid out and looks pretty awesome to boot. I havent even started talking about the selection of shows (and movies) that one can watch online, it staggering to say the least. Any time you are bored or have watched every episode of your favourite show to date just head on over to the comedy section or my favourite the documentaries section of the site!

It would take you literally years to watch and is full of great content!

The only things that the site lacks is a decent rating system and comments on the videos online that’s the only and very slight fault but also sometimes their link hunters on the site dont bother to fill in the description of what exactly you are watching but this isn’t a big deal if you know what your looking for.

The best feature of the site in my opinion is the fact that they are boycotting, while they haven’t removed all the links yet! The link hunters are working on it and every video that has an alternative link other than the Megavideo ones is put to the top of the play list in order to stamp out the filth that they are.

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