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Finally! How to actually bypass MegaVideo time limit

free megavideo

free megavideo

In this article I will show you how to bypass Megavideo time limit once and for all. If you have ever used Megavideo before you will know that they cut you off completely after 42 minutes of streaming on their site. This is especially frustrating if you have been enjoying a movie only to have it vanish in front of your eyes just as it starts to get good.

Fear no more I have found a method to sneak past their highly secure filter! You need to use a program called Hide-My-IP this can be found on their site

You my have tried proxies and other methods in the past but to no avail but I promise you that this is the only way to bypass the limit without actually buying a Megavideo membership which can cost over $150! The Hide-My-IP software comes with a 14 day free trial and if you feel like buying it after its a one time payment of $29.99.

Right just then I hear you saying “I don’t want to pay anything I want to watch my movies for free” Well whats better? Paying $30 once or paying $60 every year for a Megavideo membership? Exactly as I thought.

Try it for free now. If only to get finishing the rest of that movie you were watching before stumbling upon this post. I actually bought the software myself and im very pleased with it.

You can also head on over to

for a few methods on getting past the filter

A yearly $40 licence to download music?

I read recently in a newspaper article that the powers at be are going to make internet file sharing completely legal. the plan would make it legal for anyone to share music,movies and tv shows online as long as they paid a yearly $40 licence to compensate the media industries.

Such a move would stop the mass criminalization of the pubic as a whole, as nearly everyone that uses the internet in the modern age as committed a crime one way or another. Even by watching a music video on youtube that was not uploaded by the artists record company you have committed a crime in the current legal system’s eyes.

The fat cats have realised that they cant ban everyone from using the internet. So to make back some of the ‘lost’ revenue they have proposed this move in order to keep everyone happy and I truly agree with them! this is a far better idea than simply fining or banning the odd user in hope of scaring the whole world into falling into line.

This may sound like a bad thing to some but I can only see it as a positive thing! Soon the days of watching television and listening to the radio will be over as we know it and I say good! I never watch Tv anymore since I found out that I could watch whatever I like whenever I like.

So bring on the yearly licence. I would pay up to $100 per year to have unrestricted access to any media I please and I reckon that most people will feel the same way.

Time to Start using Limewire again?

With youtube deleting almost every single song from the site, I think people are going to have to start using limewire again to download their favourite tracks. Its not really that I dont particularly like limewire its the fact that it breaks every so often and the amount of people that use it to spread viruses and just be a nuisance and spread ‘fake’ mp3’s makes it anything but a good system.

Anyone who has used limewire in the past will know the amount of hassle one goes through just to get a single semi rare track, like techno songs just realised on Beatport from limewire. You will have around 3 seeders if you are lucky then the chances of it being a fake file or a virus outweigh the time t takes to download the file in the first place.

Maybe if Limewire actually took the time to block users for such practises then it wouldn’t be so bad. Who knows though the youtube community could start uploading music videos again or maybe Warner Music Group might just realise the amount of free promotion that they are losing out on by banning all their tracks from the most popular website on the planet.

But again this is all wishful thinking and maybe its just time to start updating our virus checkers again and spending forever building a Windows Media libary instead of just searching on youtube.

How to download music from Youtube as mp3


Youtube is removing more and more videos every single day and that is why its important to start downloading your favourite tracks right away, and that has never been easier Using

Zamzar is a file conversion site that can be used to convert nearly any type of file on the internet and on your computer

For example you could use it to convert a QuickTime file into a Windows Media file ect

But Zamzar’s most notable feature is its ability to download videos from Youtube and convert them to audio tracks or just save the video which at the present moment is disabled by Youtube due to complaints from certain companies


Click where is says URL

Step 1
Type in the Youtube URL

Step 2
Choose the type of media that you want to convert it to

Here I have chosen wmv which will convert the video into a Windows Media Player format

You can however choose mp3, which will just give you the audio of the video which is especially handy for downloading tracks you cant find on Limewire ect

Step 3
Type in your email address

Step 4
Click convert and the video will be converted and sent to your email address within minutes

Using Torrents


There undoubtedly will be times when you cannot find the song,movie ect. that you are looking for. This is were torrents come in handy.

What is a torrent I hear you ask?

A torrent – is a user uploaded file, to a site such as

It can be anything from a game, a book to a full TV series

When a file is uploaded it is seeded by the first person to load it onto the site. A seeder is just internet jargon for someone hosting a particular file. Once someone downloads that file from the initial seeder, then there will be two people seeding the file. As it grows in popularity a file could be shared from as many as 10,000 people at any given time which will increase the speed at which people may download the file.

What to do next?

To download a torrent you will need a torrent downloader such as UTorrent. This can be downloaded from

Once you have your torrent downloader installed, you can proceed to and start searching for the file you wish to download.

Click on the file and read the comments before downloading it. It should preferably have at least 50 seeders and a good feedback rating.

Advice on downloading

For Movies –
Movies and Tv shows are usually in wma format which means that they are likely to be able to be played in your Windows Media Player

For Games and Programs such as Microsoft Office-
These can range from tricky to get working or completely impossible for the novice user. I could easily write another guide on how to do this but it isn’t very hard after you get the hang of it. They all have instructions on how to get the game working but they have to be followed with precision and they usually need the following programs to get them working but thankfully they are all available to download at for free

Daemon tools – A virtual drive
Power ISO – Also a virtual drive
WinRAR – Similar to winzip but more useful and essential for ripping games ect.

For Books –
Most books can be downloaded with ease and are readable with Adobe Acrobat which again can be downloaded for free at

Songs –
Full albums can be downloaded as torrents which is handy if you want to bulk up your cd collection but if you are looking for one song in particular Limewire is the wizard for the job it again can be downloaded for free at

Watch Pay Per Views Online Free


Justin.Tv is a pretty cool site if like me you cant really afford to be paying top dollar to watch your favourite sports events online or you just dont feel like you should have to. I have watched many a boxing match on this site for free with little or no hassle live!

What is, is really like a youtube site that people can stream their own TV show and of course what people use it for is to stream free boxing,football,wrestling matches ect. bless them :)

In fact my first ever website was based on I had a site called were I would embed the media from into my site and show weekly football matches and boxing matches, all I asked for was a donation and it made me a pretty penny until I could no longer be bothered to sit in every weekend and make sure everything was going smoothly.

But what you have to watch out for is people who will show you half a match/fight and then throw up a message saying “if you want to watch the rest please pay us $” and that really spoiled a few evenings for me let me tell you. Also once we were watching a boxing match and just before it started the company in charge ordered to kill all the streams

So its not completely reliable but if you have no other option then go for it.

SuperNovaTube -Best site to upload videos to


Since the fall of the once great megavideo.. we uploaders needed a good place to watch our videos online and the best thing avialable at the moment is undoubtedtly SuperNovaTube, as it stands it is not the best site in the world in regards to looks and functionality but its ease to use and lack of video removals make it the best thing since sliced bread as far as internet uploading sites go.

At times the site will have Divx format videos for you to watch which can sometimes be a bad thing due to some sites not properly configuring the script and ending up showing a “this is not a divx file” message box. Though Super Nova Tube will usually always have their divx files in order unless they have been removed from the site in which case you will still get the error message that one would normaly get every time they try to open a divx file on other sites

Quick tip
Instead of using the ordinary play button on a Divx video, use the X icon in the right hand corner of the video as this will play the video more often than hitting the standard play button on the screen.

Using Youtube to Watch Movies

Youtube has recently taken nearly every single music video off the site because of pressure from Warner Music Group and nobody and really figure out why because they were getting free promotion from the videos and since taking them down their stocks have actually fell. Well that’s what you get for being a corporate money whore but anyway.

Youtube can be great for watching movies though still. Soon they may take them all down but if I know youtube users they will just upload them again and again. Well enough ranting lets get you watching 10 part video’s on youtube like a pro!

The first thing you are going to want to do is search for a movie with these keywords.

Fight Club part 1 full movie

Note that Fight Club is just an example you could use any movie I just happened to pick one of my favourites.

the “part 1″ and “full movie” are very important these words are commonly used by youtubers to mark their movie uploads

One thing you should also keep and eye on is the rating and the amount of views each video has a low rating would suggest a fake or spam video (many of which you may encounter)

A handy thing to do if the movies aren’t already in a play list is to make your own play list of each of the 9-13 parts of the movie and auto play it so you dont have to keep searching for the next part. Also try to always watch the movie from the same uploader as you might miss a minute or two.

The Scum of The Internet – MegaVideo


If you have read my previous posts then you will know that I hate these scum bags and in this post am going to tell you exactly why I hate them.

About a year ago was the best video host on the internet. Second only to youtube but due to youtube having a 10 minute video limit, megavideo was gaining popularity though in the downloaders community because it had no limit on the size of video that you could upload (so one could upload a whole video in great quality) and it had the fastest streaming rate next to youtube.

The word on the internet was ’10 reasons megavideo is better than youtube’ in fact if they hadn’t did what they did then they would probably be the big dog in the online video community.

What did they do?

If you have ever tried to watch a video from then you are bound to have seen the screen that pops up just after you watch 72 minutes of streaming video from there site that demands that you pay $100+ dollars for a lifetime free membership to their site.

I couldn’t believe it when I first seen it to be honest. They have the cheek to make users pay for content that doesn’t belong to them and to top it off… wasn’t even uploaded by them

It was like raising a dog from a little puppy and watching him grow and grow to love him until one day he eats your children while you sleep

I hate megavideo with a passion that Mel Gibson couldn’t muster in a week of good Fridays

Dont worry soon this post will be irrelevant… because megavideo will cease to be…. soon.

The Best Tv Show Site –


This is probably one of my favourite sites online as they always have the latest episodes of every Tv show as soon as they are aired. is abosulutely brilliant! The forum is great and it has a lot of dedicated link hunters that upload links to the site with ferocity not just because they show a top ten link hunters list on the home page but because they beleive in free media, something we should all respect.

The site itself is brilliantly laid out and looks pretty awesome to boot. I havent even started talking about the selection of shows (and movies) that one can watch online, it staggering to say the least. Any time you are bored or have watched every episode of your favourite show to date just head on over to the comedy section or my favourite the documentaries section of the site!

It would take you literally years to watch and is full of great content!

The only things that the site lacks is a decent rating system and comments on the videos online that’s the only and very slight fault but also sometimes their link hunters on the site dont bother to fill in the description of what exactly you are watching but this isn’t a big deal if you know what your looking for.

The best feature of the site in my opinion is the fact that they are boycotting, while they haven’t removed all the links yet! The link hunters are working on it and every video that has an alternative link other than the Megavideo ones is put to the top of the play list in order to stamp out the filth that they are.